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Liaoning Communication University

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Number of enrolled students:
Number of international students: 35
International Outlook: No Info

English teaching majors: 12

Average admission days: 7

Documents requirement standard: Easy

Service satisfaction: 3/10

Acceptance rate: 60%

Chance of getting scholarship: 50%


Shenyang is the capital city of Liaoning Province and is one of the largest cities of China. Shenyang is also the center of economy, culture, transportation and business activities in the northeastern part of China. Shenyang city has also been enlisted as one of the top ten most competitive cities of China. Liaoning Communication University ( LNCU ) is approved by Liaoning Provincial Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China as well. LNCU has north and south two campuses, covers an area of approximately 1,600 acres, and currently 10,024 students are enrolled in LNCU. LNCU is one of the eight communication universities in China. LNCU intends to cultivate sustainable talents for current and upcoming media industry. The university offers various advanced facilities such as sports stadium, library, the art gallery and students activity center. The university has 105 laboratories in relevance of different majors and 67 off-campus internship platforms. LNCU offers 19 undergraduate specialties, some of which are being taught in English language, such as Animation Design, Network & Multi-media Applications, Visual Communication Design, Multi-media Marketing & Management, Fashion Design, International Trade and Business Administration. In addition, LNCU also has around 564 Chinese faculty and staff with outstanding academic achievements and extraordinary teaching skills in their relevant fields. The university has established various academic and exchange relations with United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, etc, due to which students from these countries have ample opportunities to participate in exchange programs. In addition, LNCU also takes pride in regularly inviting distinguished international experts in order to get enriched in regards of educational and teaching contents.

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Age requirements: 18-30 for language students and bachelor degree, master degree under 35 years old, PhD under 40 years old. Educational Requirements: high school graduation or above for language students and bachelor degree applicants; bachelor degree graduation or equivalent for master degree applicants; master degree graduation or equivalent for PhD applicants. Academic requirements: average score above 75% without failed subject. Documents requirements: in addition to basic materials such as passports, highest education certificate and transcripts, it is recommended to prepare other materials that can enhance your competitiveness, such as award certificates, multinational company internship certificates, principal recommendation letters, and specialty certificates, etc.